Our purpose: to help strengthen our communities by allowing families to stay together in the homes that they love. 100% of the people we serve are elderly, disabled, Veterans, economically disadvantaged or other marginalized populations. 
Our passion: making people’s lives easier by navigating a complicated and often overwhelming process. When dealing with health changes and challenges, you’ve got enough to worry about. Let us take care of adapting your environment! 
Our promise: to deliver a quality product and streamlined experience from first call to final job inspection. We are awesome, but we aren’t perfect; if we mess up, we make it right, guaranteed. 

Our prices: may be higher than other bids you receive,  but it’s because we pay our crews LIVING wages and deliver a better finished project. We also source over 90% of our product lines from right here in the USA!

By spending your money with us, you help promote strengthening our communities too! 
You shop with our small business, you purchase with purpose.
We help you remain safely in your own home with dignity and independence. You are then able to engage with your neighbors, come and go freely to work, social events and appointments. 
Your funds stay in the community too! We pay our local installers living wages, which in turn allows them to support their families and stay in their own homes too. NO corporate overlords taking massive profits to their offshore accounts!
With every job sold, whether big or small, we are able to continue this cycle and help even more people! 
Shopping small helps the environment too! Our manufacturers are primarily based throughout the United States, which means our products don’t have to travel as far to get to you. From the factory to the truck drivers, to our office and then to your home, everyone benefits from being part of our business cycle. 
Giving back through volunteer work and donated supplies: from time to time we are able to donate to various organizations like Shriners Hospital for Children and Mission Hope. We also work with the Home Builders Foundation to coordinate resources for families in need.