Wheelchair Ramp Rental

Adaptive Mobility is your go-to place for a wheelchair ramp rental.

Whether you need short or long ramps for either a short or a long time, we’ve got you covered!

Generally speaking, you will need about 7 feet of ramp per step that you are trying to get up. In some cases, you might need more or less than that, but consider it a good starting place.

aluminum ramps

Modular Ramps

Modular aluminum wheelchair ramps are 36″ wide, come standard with two-line handrails and can be configured in just about any size or shape. Rentals are charged by the month, so feel free to keep it as long as it takes to make a full recovery!

Portable Ramps

Portable ramps are also available to rent, either by the day or the month. These easy-to-move ramps are lightweight, foldable and are 30″ wide. This style of ramp does not have handrails and cannot be connected together. Perfect for visiting guests or short-term/low-rise accessibility.

portable ramps

Wheelchair Ramp Rental FAQs

Q: Will insurance pay for my ramp rental?

A: Possibly, but we don’t handle insurance billing. If you are able to get a prescription from your doctor for the wheelchair ramp rental, your sales tax will be waived on all months of the rental!


Q: Will you set up my ramp?

A: Yes! Pickup and setup are all part of the service.