Shower Chairs

Shower chairs have come a long way since the decades old white plastic rectangle with aluminum legs, and that’s a good thing! Those still exist and are fine for certain circumstances, like a temporary injury or a mostly able-bodied individual, but there are dozens of other options and styles that exist now for more complex medical bathing needs, as well as various bathroom and patient sizes. Some shower chairs can be permanently mounted to the walls of your shower, but can be complicated to retrofit into an existing space since they require backing to be installed behind the shower walls. These fold down shower seats save space when not in use and come in various finishes and materials, like teakwood, padded vinyl or plastic/composite.


Another option for shower seating is a built-in bench- these can go in the corners or along one wall of the shower stall and are great for larger users, but do take up a fair amount of space in the often limited footprint of the shower space. They also tend to collect water if they aren’t gently sloped to allow it to roll off, and can get slippery with soap buildup since they are horizontal surfaces that will most always get and stay wet when the shower is used.

Perhaps the most versatile shower chair option is one that rolls in and out of the shower and bathroom area. This can make transfers easier since they can be done outside the bathroom, as well as reduce the number of transfers because they can roll over the toilet, be used as a bedside commode, and then roll into the tub or shower. Wait, what?? Yes, I said it! There are types of tub and shower chairs that come with special track systems to roll them right over the tub walls or step-in shower threshold. These chairs may come with a higher price tag than you’re expecting, but they save thousands over the cost of a full bathroom remodel. Rolling shower chair transfer systems can be configured to fit multiple bathroom layouts and can be taken with you if you move, whereas a custom shower remodel cannot.